2010 Research Results


Commercial companies are mentioned in these reports solely for the purpose of providing specific information. Mention of a company does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of it's products by the ARD, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, or an endorsement over products of other companies not mentioned. These publications also report research involving pesticides. It does not contain recommendations for their use, nor does it imply that the uses discussed herein have been registered. Pesticide uses must be registered by appropriate federal and state agencies before they can be recommended. For a complete listing of herbicide recommendations for Nebraska, see the current Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska (EC-130).

Principal Investigator Location Crop/Site Title Study Type
Drew Lyon Sidney Sorghum Evaluation of Huskie for Weed Control in Grain Sorghum Herbicide trial
Drew Lyon Sidney Proso Millet Proso Millet Tolerance to Sharpen Herbicide trial
Drew Lyon Sidney Sunflower Evaluation of Express for Puncturevine Control in Express-Tolerant Sunflower Herbicide trial
Drew Lyon Sidney Wheat Downy Brome Control with PowerFlex in Winter Wheat Herbicide trial
Drew Lyon Concord Wheat Evaluation of Huskie in Winter Wheat Herbicide trial
Drew Lyon Concord Wheat Winter Wheat Response to Pre-Pare Herbicide Herbicide trial