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Sep-03-2015   UNL Agronomy & Horticulture Dept.
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Root of the Matter: Research into Chicory
Sep-04-2013 : Robert Wilson

2013 Herbicide Resistant Weed Management Field Days
Jul-11-2013 : Lowell Sandell

2012 Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Field Days
Jun-11-2012 : Stevan Knezevic,Greg Kruger,Lowell Sandell

2012 Weed Science Field Day: UNL Panhandle R&E Center
May-24-2012 : Robert Wilson

WORKSHOP: Flame Weeding in Agronomic Crops
May-15-2012 : Stevan Knezevic

Poison Hemlock Thriving
Mar-09-2012 : Lowell Sandell

Glyphosate-Resistant Kochia Confirmed in Nebraska
Jan-26-2012 : Robert Wilson,Greg Kruger,Lowell Sandell

New Weed Resistance Hits Nebraska: Waterhemp to HPPD-Inhibiting Herbicides
Jan-21-2012 : Stevan Knezevic

2,4-D Resistant Waterhemp Found in Nebraska
Oct-30-2011 : Mark Bernards,Roch Gaussion,Greg Kruger

Glyphosate-resistant Giant Ragweed Confirmed in Nebraska
Oct-07-2011 : Stevan Knezevic,Greg Kruger,Lowell Sandell

Toothed Spurge - A Weed on the Increase
Sep-28-2011 : Robert Wilson

Comparing glyphosate resistance in Palmer amaranth and marestail
Aug-01-2011 : Mark Bernards,Greg Kruger,Lowell Sandell

Glyphosate, Micronutrients, and Adjuvants
Feb-28-2011 : Mark Bernards

2011 North American Invasive Plant Ecology and Management Short Course
Dec-17-2010 : Steve Young

2011 Weed Science Update
Dec-03-2010 : Mark Bernards,Lowell Sandell

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Plant & Soil Science eLibrary

A NEW online Flash-based herbicide efficacy application has been developed, replacing the old tables. It may be accessed at the following link:

UNL Herbicide Efficacy Application

These tables are modified versions from the current Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska. These tables are sortable by weed species.



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